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Negritude PhD

Supporting Black Brazilians to apply to graduate studies in the United States, through sharing content via social media and podcasts, online courses and workshops focusing on the application and selection process, and mentorship.

Since 2020, the Coletivo Professora Nicea Amauro, the Kilomba Collective, and the Instituto Mancala, and have been organizing the "Negritude Brasileira Ocupando o Mundo" program, known as NEGRITUDE PHD, through strategic partnerships with prominent organizations such as ABPN, Coletivo Marielle Franco, and the Coalition of Black People for Rights. The program offers comprehensive support and guidance to participants, covering aspects ranging from the application process to financing options. As we explore the intricacies of this program and its implications for public policy, it becomes evident that targeted initiatives like these are essential for advancing equity and inclusion in higher education.

Through a strategic blend of online courses, mentorship programs, and scholarship initiatives, we have empowered aspiring scholars to navigate the complexities of postgraduate education abroad. Partnering with leading institutions and leveraging the power of digital platforms, we have facilitated access to knowledge and resources, transcending geographical boundaries and socio-economic constraints.

As we approach our fifth edition, the NEGRITUDE PHD program continues to evolve and expand its reach. With a renewed commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we proudly announce the launch of our latest cohort this year. In alignment with our overarching objectives, we are dedicated to fostering social, cultural, and scientific exchange between the American and Brazilian black populations. By empowering Afro-Brazilian individuals to pursue postgraduate studies in the USA, we aspire to reduce professional barriers, increase academic representation, and address racial inequalities head-on.


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Kilomba Collective is a collective dedicated to centering the perspective and realities of Black Brazilian people, especially Black women and girls in their multiple identities, in the international scenario, connecting with other Black women's movements in the African Diaspora. We do so by developing advocacy, community building, and international solidarity actions on issues around social justice, gender equality, and human rights.

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